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State of Decay

I used to read all the time.

I would read in every place you could possibly imagine… except during car rides. Always made me sick.

I used to get in trouble for reading so much. Spending too much time in the bathroom. Not wanting to talk to family during dinner. Staying up too late. Not focusing on math.

I used to devour books faster than I devoured ice cream… page after page fell beneath my hand, more than one page dog eared, the binding falling apart on others.

I remember with rueful amusement a night where I was sent to bed early, prohibited from reading, while my brother was forced to stay up and read a single chapter. I remember being so decidedly angry… it wasn’t fair that I shouldn’t be able to finish mine.

I knew my libraries, both school and public, like the back of my hand. I would walk in and make an immediate beeline for the place I knew my favorites were stashed.

I got so involved with the worlds I was delving into, turning the words on the page into fantastic majestic reality, each scene turned into a visual delight inside my mind.

Page after page after page….

And then… my favored literary characters turned to favored video game heroes. I spent more time online then I did with a good paperback.

Books and the amazing secrets that they held easily faded from my life, quietly slipping away under the noise from the television.

Before I even knew what happened I never even considered reading anything more than a status update. Holding a hardcover was not as comfortable as holding my cell phone.

And now, now I am in a state of decay, picking up and running my hands over my favored stories with marked fondness, only to set them back in the box, on the shelf, and return back to the phone to lament the habit I once





I have a lot of questions for you but instead of blowing up your ask box I’m going to do it like this if that’s alright with you??

I’m still going through your links and reading a lot, but there are some questions that have crossed my mind while going over everything. And I’m sorry in advance that this is really lengthy… for whatever reason I’m overly wordy and can’t seem to cut it down.

(And the story thus far is that I believed my ex roommate when she said that bettas can live in bowls. I did research AFTER buying 2 betta fish and putting them in bowls and realizing the mistake I’ve made and have been scrambling to rectify the situation asap. I want to put them both in their own individual 5 gallon planted tanks.)

1. How do you get your water “ready” for tank use? And I don’t mean cycling… I mean like, when you’re setting up the tank TO cycle, do you just dump in tap water or do you have to treat it first? Same with water changes. Do you just use tap water? I know that chlorine and such is bad for bettas so would you just use the slime coat/water treating drops?

2. When setting up your tank with plants, is it better to add them before you start your cycle, or after? I know this probably seems like a pretty dumb question but I’m not sure if cycling the tank what with the ammonia spikes and all would harm the plants. I know they’re better for it in the long run, but not too sure about them right up front at the start. And in terms of plants, if you’re going to add like a marimo or duckweed, do you have to add it when you put in all of your plants or can it be done later?

3. If you’re moving a betta from a bowl to a tank and it’s sick, how do you treat it? Would you just put the sick betta in the cycled tank and add the medicine, and then stop when the betta is healthy or should you do it outside of their normal living tank? I ask because while I’ve been trying to keep on top of water changes and all until I can get my tanks and the supplies and get them going, I’m like 99% sure my fish have fin rot :/

4. Oh and speaking of plants, what’s the best substrate to use with plants? I think gravel would be the easiest to clean but I’m not entirely sure how that would work with a root system. Do they just grip onto the little rocks or do they need like dirt or something to anchor onto?

5. Is one corner sponge filter enough for a 5 gallon with a betta in it? I think so but just double checking. And going along with that, a lot of the sites I went onto while looking up info on sponge filters mentioned that they need an airstone. Do they really? I read your once-over on sponge filters and it didn’t mention airstones at all so I’m not too sure if a sponge filter really needs it…

I know that that’s many questions within a single question but I guess they’re all grouped by subject, more or less? Also sorry if this was annoying at all, I’m trying to figure and plan everything out (basically make sure I know what I’m doing and cement the plan) before I go out and spend a bunch of money. I would like to do it right the first time around, you know?

And thank you so so so much in advance for helping me out c:



The only bad one is skylanders? More like the ones after 3 were not up to snuff and skylanders is just a glorified abortion

i actually adored the last version of him (probably because it was my best known version)

skylanders looks like… well. shit.

Well that would explain it then lol.

In the original Spyros, he’s like this badass motherfucka that goes around saving everybody like yeah whatever ain’t no thang and kissing girls is gross.

Then you go to the ones afterwards and he takes a complete personality change and he’s like what? You mean I not a.. dragon fly?? I have to… save worl?? G-g-gomenasai senpai I am Elijah Wood and I have feelings now

And I’m like jfc where did your balls go man and then you know David Spade is there like hey everybody I’m David Spade! *winks and snaps fingers*

And there’s like. None of the “sandbox” effect that any of the original games had. Theres no challenge. It’s not like hey ho whoa now how do I do this? How do I get here?! 100 percenting this game is a legitimate challenge!

And then you get to the one afterwards and I feel like a little kid banging on a pretend piano like OOHHH I GO HERE?? I DO DIS?? GAME OVER NOW OK

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